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We at FRAMEMAKERS are delighted to invite you to visit our 4000 sq.ft. showroom. Here you will find a vast range of Art for All, pieces from small Limited Editions to Large Original Feature Works.

Irish Artists including Jonathan Knuttell, Declan Marry, John Nolan, Gregory Toal along with award winning UK and International Artists are showing with us.



Over 1000 sq.ft. of our showroom has been dedicated to our extensive range of Mirrors both Ready Made and Made-to Measure.

We think you will enjoy your visit and we look forward to seeing you.


This is a 3D Virtual Experience of our new showrooms. It allows the viewer to zoom-in and pan around at the click of the mouse. It outlines the full scale of our new showrooms which are now the largest showrooms in Ireland.

* Note, this may take a couple of seconds to load.