Manufacturing the highest quality custom picture frames for over 30 years

Professional bespoke frames
Satisfaction guaranteed
Same day service if required

Our Focus

We focus on providing the highest quality complete framing service, from custom manufacturing right through to installation.

• Made to order
• Custom, tailored designs
• Handmade in-house manufacturing
• Quality guaranteed
• Great value large order fulfilment

Corporate packages
Corporate packages

• Complete hotel package available
• Complete office package available
• Complete package for photographers
• Special facilities available to cater for interior designers
• Installation service available

Limited edition prints
Limited edition prints

• Award winning artists
• Original paintings
• Collectable limited editions
• Critically acclaimed portfolio

Individual services
Individual services

• Residential property/apartment fit-out
• Same day service if required
• Full dry-mounting service
• Professional bespoke framing

  • Full mounting service available using the full range of Neilson Acid Free Mounts
  • Restaurant and pub custom framing services
  • Jersey framing
  • Composite picture framing
  • Ready-made frames
  • Box framing
  • Large and small item framing
  • Custom framing for all purposes

We’ve provided many services for customers down through the years – we have the experience and framing solution you need. Contact us now.


Samples of our manufacturing, prints and custom picture frame services can be seen below.

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About US

Manufacturing the highest quality custom picture frames for over 30 years

A picture is worth a thousand words, so frame it!

Here at Framemakers we are passionate about picture frames and feel that frames are as important as the pictures themselves. Frames protect your artwork, showcase your display, enhance your pictures – they are an essential consideration for your business’ or home’s décor.

With our impeccable craftsmanship our frames can hang for generations. We have frames that are still hanging, protecting and showcasing our client’s pictures since their installation over 30 years ago.

There are many considerations to take in to account when choosing picture frames such as the frame material, frame colour, frame dimension, frame depth, frame shape, frame design, the frame glass, price, delivery etc. Avoid the hassle, contact us now and we'll make the best custom picture frames for you.

We provide a complete framing service from custom manufacturing right through to installation. We manufacture frames from a choice of over 200 mouldings including all types of wood, guilt and metal. We also have a selection of ready-made frames and a source of limited edition prints available.

  • Specialisations:

  • Manufacturing

    We're experts in tailoring and manufacturing bespoke picture frames.

  • Corporate services

    We have the experience required to meet your business' needs.

  • Limited edition prints

    We have a critically acclaimed portfolio of limited edition and original artwork available for you.

  • Individual services

    Our immaculate framing craftsmanship is also available to the general public.

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